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Lions On The Prowl Podcast

This Podcast serves the outstanding, loyal, knowledgeable, insightful, dedicated fans of the Detroit Lions. News, rumors and current events discussed from the fans perspective. ONE PRIDE!

Dec 30, 2018

Tim and Jim discuss the win over the Green Bay Packers, Matt Patricia, and we talk about the apathetic ownership and what we as fans can do about it.

Dec 23, 2018

Tim and Jim discuss yet another loss, 27-9 to the Minnesota Vikings, Tim explains why he thinks that Matt Stafford will never take the Lions to the Superbowl, the pro's and con's of trading him and much, much more!!!

Dec 17, 2018

Tim & Jim talk about the Lions being eliminated from playoff contention, the loss in Buffalo and where we go from here. All that and a lot more.

Dec 10, 2018

Tim and Jim talk about the win in Arizona. Who is to blame for this dumpster fire? Do we trade Stafford? All this and much, much more.

Dec 4, 2018

Tim and Jim discuss the Lions loss to the Rams, the state of the Lions Franchise, what will it take to bring a winner to Detroit...and much, much more!!!